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Working With Great Veterinarians

Great veterinary care is about more than simply finding someone who is looking for patients. In addition to finding a professional who really seems to care about your animal, you also need to focus on the fact that your pet has feelings too, and they need to feel comfortable with the situation. I started thinking about different ways to identify better veterinarians a few months ago, and within a few short weeks, we had found a professional that we felt really great about working with. They were kind, thorough, and incredibly affordable. Check out this blog for awesome tips that will help you to find a great pet healthcare provider.



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4 Potential Ways To Pay Off A Large Veterinary Bill

When your pet falls ill unexpectedly, you might also be faced with an equally unexpected bill from your local animal hospital. Fortunately, if finances are tight and that veterinary bill is putting a strain on your wallet, there are some potential options worth exploring that can help you pay off your vet bill more feasibly and possibly save some money in the process.

Ask About Payment Plans

Start by asking the office staff at your animal hospital if they offer any type of payment plan options. A lot of times, if your bill totals more than a certain dollar amount, you will be eligible to pay off your balance in equal monthly installments. This doesn't reduce the total cost of your bill, but it does let you avoid paying for it all at once, which can be helpful. Most of the time, these payment plans are also interest-free so long as you pay off your balance within a certain amount of time.

Set Up a Fundraiser

These days, setting up an online fundraiser is quick and simple -- and you may be surprised at just how much help you can receive by just asking. Consider using a site like GoFundMe to collect donations to go towards your vet bill. Just be aware that many of these sites will collect a small percentage of the money you raise. To avoid this, you might consider asking people who want to donate to call your animal hospital directly and make a payment towards your bill. Most animal hospitals are happy to accommodate over-the-phone donation payments.

Apply for CareCredit

If you don't already have a CareCredit account, consider applying for one if your animal hospital will accept it as a form of payment. This is essentially a line of credit that you can use towards veterinary care, regular medical care, and even dental care in most cases. And you generally don't need to have a great credit score to get approved for no-interest financing.

Ask About a Cash Discount

If all else fails, ask your animal hospital if they will offer a cash discount if you pay in full. A lot of times, veterinary offices will knock some money off your bill if you pay in full, so this could save you a pretty penny.

Facing unexpected veterinary bills can be stressful, but your pet's health is important -- and there are plenty of ways to go about paying off your balance.