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Working With Great Veterinarians

Great veterinary care is about more than simply finding someone who is looking for patients. In addition to finding a professional who really seems to care about your animal, you also need to focus on the fact that your pet has feelings too, and they need to feel comfortable with the situation. I started thinking about different ways to identify better veterinarians a few months ago, and within a few short weeks, we had found a professional that we felt really great about working with. They were kind, thorough, and incredibly affordable. Check out this blog for awesome tips that will help you to find a great pet healthcare provider.



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Common Health Problems In Dogs

Just like humans, dogs can suffer from a variety of different health problems. Luckily, many of the most common health problems in canines can be treated by a vet. As a dog owner, it is important to be familiar with the signs of different problems that your dog may experience. Some of the most common health problems in dogs include:

Ear Infections

Dogs can be prone to ear infections that can be caused by bacteria, ear mites, yeast, allergies, or overgrown hair in the ear canal. Some of the common symptoms of a canine ear infection include odor from the ear, head tilting or shaking, ear scratching, bloody, brown, or yellow discharge from the ear, swelling of the outside of the ear, and a red ear canal. In most cases, a vet will clean the dog's ear and prescribe medication to clear up an ear infection. However, if a dog suffers from chronic ear infections, surgery may be recommended.


A flea infestation can make a dog incredibly uncomfortable and if the infestation is not taken care of, having fleas can damage a dog's health. It is very easy for a dog to pick up fleas when outdoors, but luckily it is also very easy to treat a flea infestation. Signs of fleas in dogs include licking, biting, or scratching an area, hair loss, hot spots on the skin, and allergic dermatitis. Speak to your vet about using a medication or shampoo to kill the fleas in your dog's fur. After the infestation is taken care of, use a flea preventative product to keep the fleas from coming back.


Unfortunately, dogs can be infected with several types of worms including tapeworms, roundworms, whipworms, and hookworms. If your dog experiences weight loss, frequent diarrhea, vomiting, scooting on his bottom, and a change in appetite, he may be infected with worms. If you suspect that your dog may have worms, you need to make an appointment with your dog's vet. Your vet will run tests to determine what type of worm your dog is infected with and prescribe medication to kill the worms.


Like humans, dogs can experience intestinal issues from time to time that cause diarrhea. But, regular or frequent diarrhea in dogs is cause for concern. Frequent diarrhea can be caused by a number of issues, including infections, parasites, or an allergy to food. If you're dog is suffering from frequent diarrhea, take him to the vet for an exam and testing.